Frequently Asked Questions about GrowMesh hydroponic garden

How does GrowMesh™ work?
The GrowMesh hydroponic garden design allows the roots to grow unimpeded into the interior of the sleeves rooting channel, facilitating exceptional growth. The GrowMesh™ pockets prevent water from escaping the sleeve while the GrowMesh™ keeps the plant anchored in the pocket.
What will you Grow?
We have grown everything from greens to sunflowers in the hydroponics systems; larger plants need support as they would when growing in the soil. This can be in the form of a tomato cage, string hanging from above, or simply tying the plant to the sleeve.
How do I plant the sleeve?

Seeds – Place plugs into the pocket and place a seed in the plug.

Cuttings – Place cuttings into the pockets, avoid piercing the GrowMesh™ with the cutting. Basil, Mint, tomatoes etc.. propagate well with this method.

Seedlings – If the seedling is growing in plugs suitable for hydroponic systems, place seedling in a pocket. If the seedling is in soil, remove all soil, then place the bare root ball in the pocket. If the root ball is too large, it can cause the root system to expand in the pocket and not into the rooting channel stunting growth.

How do I water the sleeve?
Place a drip line into the top of the sleeve in one of the uppermost pockets. When using the large sleeve if you notice one side not being watered adequately add a drip line on the opposite side. The amount of water can vary depending on the stage of plant growth. During the later stages of growth, when the root system is fully developed the water may need to be reduced to prevent backflow out of the pockets.
How much water does the sleeve need?
When first planting the sleeve more water is better than less. At later stages of growth reducing watering may be needed due to the root mass.
Can I cut the sleeve?
Yes, the sleeve is cut to length if you need to reduce the length of the sleeve cut with a pair of scissors.
Can I use the sleeve outside?
Yes, the base of the sleeve must be anchored to prevent wind from blowing the sleeve out of its slot and breaking the cycle of water flow. An outdoor adaptor is available for purchase on the website or download the .stl file for 3d printing the part.
Can I use soil in the sleeve?
We are currently testing the sleeve with potting soil. Give it a try and let us know your results. The sleeve must be tied at the bottom to hold the soil; holes must be punched at the very bottom to allow excess water to drain.
Is the GrowMesh™ sleeve a drain to waste hydroponic system?
The sleeve is designed as a single use recirculating hydroponic device. Unlike other Hydroponics equipment the GrowMesh sleeve does not need cleaning.
How does the GrowMesh™ sleeve work without soil or media?
The sleeve is designed to be used with a recirculating hydroponic setup. Water runs down the center of the sleeve and enters each pocket through the GrowMesh™. The GrowMesh™ anchors the plant in place by entangling the roots and directing them into the rooting channel. With hydroponics, the water contains the nutrients (fertilizer) the plants need to grow.
How do I attach the wire to the GrowMesh™ Sleeve?
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