1 GrowMesh™ Sleeve – 6 foot Sleeve – 32 pockets


This GrowMesh™ Sleeve has 32 pockets.

Commercial Grows – Contact us for bulk discounts.

What are commercial growers say – ‘The labor savings pay for the cost of the GrowMesh™ sleeve.’

It is six feet in length and has 32 planting pockets. This is used to grow plants in a vertical hydroponics system. The sleeve does not need grow-media; it uses the patented GrowMesh™ Technology.

  • The sleeve can be cut to length. Pockets hold grow plugs, seedlings, seeds, or bare-root plants.
  • For use in hydroponic and aquaponic systems.
  • Hang the sleeve over a trough or container, insert the drip line.
  • Larger plants will need support with a trellis or cage.
  • All pockets need not be planted for the sleeve to work properly.  Plant halve the sleeve and use it for multiple crop cycles.


  • GrowMesh™ Technology holds plants in the flexible sleeve while keeping water in.
  • Plants – successfully grown – flowers, herbs and greens, fruiting crops, rooting crops.  What will you grow?