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Driven by the dream to nourish my family, your family, and our community with safe, nutritious, and delicious food, I created a vertical hydroponic system that empowers everyone from the home gardener to large-scale commercial grower to produce more food in less space while minimizing environmental damage.

 So how did a firefighter and father of two develop deep expertise in plant science, engineering, food safety, and nutrition? My passion for nature can be traced back to my pre-professional days, which were spent camping, climbing, and mountain biking in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. But every part of the success I’ve achieved since has been earned through hard work and hustle.

 Before launching DeFoor Innovations in 2018 I started a landscape company that specialized in organic lawn care, completed extensive training in vertical hydroponic farming, and worked for a plastics manufacturer so I could understand the plastic production process. Turns out hands-on learning, as opposed to formal education, is more my style.

 Over time, I developed an inexpensive, lightweight vertical hydroponic sleeve. With the GrowMesh growing system, in the surface space required for one plant, you can grow at least three to four, if not more. And unlike traditional agriculture, vertical hydroponic farming can provide solutions to problems such as diminishing arable land, water shortages, and food security.

If you want to be part of a more sustainable future, please get in touch. I can be contacted directly at nathan@defoorinnovations.com. For more information, visit GrowMesh.com.

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